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    Hong Kong Electronics Fair(Autumn Edition)

    During the Hong Kong Electronics Fair(Autumn Edition), there are a lot of guests interested in this machine(Android HDMI Dongle),and ask many question ,such as “how to connect tv” and “how to connect WIFI” and so on .
    Here we will tell you how to use it:

    starting up procedure:

    1) insert the Android Dongle into the TV HDMI port.or connect with the HDMI cable.

    2) Insert the Wifi receiver into USB Host port.

    3) insert Micro USB cable into Micro USB port

    4) power up:Micro USB cable connect TV USB port, or connect USB power adaptor.

    Connect the Network:

    1) Click Setting Icon ,enter the system set-up interface。

    2) Check WiFi and open

    3) Click  Scan searching network

    4) Click net name,connect network,if the network is encrypted,the system will prompt to input password.

    5) System can memory the network once had connected,it will automatically connect next time.

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