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    European professional STB with DVB-T, thirty percent from shenzhen one audio electronic manufacturing Co., LTD. Innovation is our habits, is also you pursue! Shenzhen one audio electronic manufacturing Co., LTD’s confidence comes from have a high quality management team and a batch of dare to struggle and innovative loyal employee, is a professional production of DVB-T HD MPEG-4. SD MPEG-4. Dvb-s MINI SCART. USB TV DONGLE. ATSC. ISDB company. Has the production plant more than 3000 square meters. Through the use of the existing advanced technology level, combined with one audio  have top hardware facilities, our products in the whole industry all the time belongs to advanced level. In order to follow the development of the international with each passing day, one audio will be more strengthen great in product technology, product design, development and production of investment. At the same time, we also realize that provides the high quality of the products can best in a business with international buyers can establish long-term cooperation relationship is an important factor of success. Therefore,One audio will strictly enforce product quality control plan, let the customer satisfaction to buy, use at ease. We look forward to working with you, a global customers cooperation



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