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SD MPEG-2/HD H.264 & Full DVB-C Compliant

1000 channels TV and Radio programmable

8 different favorite groups selection

Fully support  to 7days Electronic Program Guide (EPG)

16bit colors on screen display

Channel search in automatic,manual search

USB for Multimadia player,PVR



● Tuner


Demodulation:16 QAM/32 QAM/64 QAM/128 QAM/256 QAM

Input Frequency:51-860MHz

Symbol Rate: 3.6 to 6.952MS/s

Bandwidth:6/7/8 MHz

Input Level :-80~-20 dBm

Input Impedance:75 Ω

● Video

Video decorder:ISO/IEC 13818-2, MPEG-2 MP@ML, MPEG-4 AVC (MP L4.1)

Video output:CVBS(Video format @576i ) HD 1.3 (Video Format default @ Auto) Support HDCP

Video solution:480P/576P,480i/576i/720p/1080p SD/HD compatible

Video Ratio:4:3 /16:9

● Audio

Standard:ISO/IEC 13818-3

Decoding:MPEG-1 Layer I and II, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AAC

Output mode:PCM, AC3

Sampling frequency:32, 44.1, 48KHz

Audio Mode:Mono /Stereo /Left / Right

● Front Panel

LED Display:Indicate the Various Status of the STB

USB port :USB 2.0 Port for Multimedia Player and Software Upgrade/Backup


Side Panel

USB port:USB 2.0 Port for Multimedia Player and Software Upgrade/Backup

RS232:Serial Port for Software Upgrade

AV:CVBS Video Output

●Rear Panel

Cable IN:Receives the Signal from Digital Cable

Cable OUT:Loopout to other cable receiver

USB port :USB 2.0 Port for  Software Upgrade/Backup

HDMI:High-Definition Multimedia Interface V1.3

LAN:Plug-in Ethernet Board (RJ45 port)

COAXIAL:Digital Audio Output via Coaxial Ports

DC Power :12V / 1A input


CPU :GX3201D

Flash Memory:16MB



DC input Range:12V 1A

● Packing inforamtion


Machine Size(WxDxH):110*110*28MM

Gift Box Size(WxDxH):190*165*66MM

Cartons Size(WxDxH):395*345*355MM




Standards: Romote control/Power Adapter/AV Cable

Optional: HD Cable

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