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    All the improvements of the DVB-S2 is not compatible with the DVB-S technology, but taking into account the industry a large number of DVB-S Receiver is still in use, it is also optional configuration mode compatiblethe backward compatibility mode, the original DVB-S Receiver can receive part of the DVB-S2 signals. The substance of the compatibility mode is transmitted in a satellite channel two TS stream, namely the HP (High Priority) TS stream and LP (Low Priority) TS stream, both using different error correction coding, and then through a special positioning the bit, through the existing demodulation equipment at the receiving end and the two are separated in the constellation mapping. HP stream is compatible with DVB-S Receiver, which uses the DVB-S Receiver possible solutions to the DVB-S2 HP TS stream signal, the LP stream can only use DVB-S2 receiver receiving.

    1.HD MPEG-4, H.264/AVC DVB-S2 receiver
    2. With USB PVR function
    3.With Media player function
    4.With Biss and CW
    5.Support twin protocol
    6.Interface:INB input(HDMI/USBx1/DC 12V/SCART/RS232/IR)
    7.Scart for SD TV, HDMI for HDTV
    8.Heat dissipation is very good

    This is our Hong Kong Electronics Fair(Autumn Edition),during fair,many guests ask about this model .They think that the shape is very beautiful,and Heat dissipation is very good.

    So If you are interested in it,please contact our :

    One Audio Digital Limited

    Rosy Lee

    Website : www.dvbs2manufacturer.com






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